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99 Top Research Paper Topics

You have a research paper that is due in soon, but the tough part of completing it is not in getting it done, but on choosing the topic to write about. With so many topics to pick from, the choice sometimes confuses us. Also, there is no point on picking one that you have no interest in and are doing it just to get the job done. The topic you choose has to be of interest to you as writing a research paper is not a two second job. With the amount of time it takes to write a research paper, choosing the right topic is the most important step.

Gun Control vs. Gun Rights: Whose Arguments Win the Case?

After the San Bernardino massacre in December, 2015, the debate around gun control became more intense than ever. Barack Obama addressed the nation with the intention to increase the awareness and attract the public’s attention towards the issue. He emphasized the importance of imposing legislative measures that would make it harder for criminals to obtain weapons. There is a great irony behind the fact that gun control is a radical issue in the United States – the country based upon the principles of liberalism. The gun rights lobby is strong, but so is the awareness about the fact that the immediate effect of gun control will be reduction of the number of weapon owners in the U.S.; and the measures will positively affect the effectiveness of crime prevention.

Obesity: a Disease of Choice

When New York Mayor Bloomberg proposed a ban on soft drink servings over 16 ounces in 2012, most people didn’t take him seriously. However, the issue of obesity is not to be taken as a joke. According to the data provided by the World Health Organization, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight in 2014. Over 600 million of these overweight people fell into the category obese. According to all research paper writing experts that examine this issue, obesity is a major risk factor for a great number of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. There is only one way for governments to deal with the issue of obesity: by regulating irresponsible marketing campaigns by major food and drinks companies, and increasing the public awareness for the risks imposed by obesity.

The Two Faces of Social Media: Is It Expanding or Limiting People’s Potential?

People are using social media for numerous reasons, which include communicating with other people, staying informed about the most important events, meeting new people, connecting with peers and collaborators, and many other conveniences. The Internet is becoming an inevitable part of our existence, to the extent that many people are relying on social networks for any information they want to discover. Social media help us get correct information and improve our connections with people we know and don’t know, but they also distort the meaning of true friendships and affect the level of truthfulness of the information we receive.