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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Bullying Phenomenon: an Inseparable Part of the U.S. Educational System

In the most basic explanation, the term bullying is used to encompass the direct or indirect actions of physical, verbal, or other acts of abuse that the bully directs towards a victim. The educational system, which is supposed to be a safe environment for children to gain knowledge and skills that prepare them for the real world, is the main source of bullying experiences that negatively affect both the victims and the intimidators. According to the statements in a research paper on bullying and cyberbullying by Richard Donegan, “bullying is bred from a capitalistic economy and competitive social hierarchy.” Bullying is not a problem solely for the victims; the intimidators, educators, and parents are also affected by it. Teachers and parents need to address the problem with proper measures before it leads to violence.

In a research paper published by the national Institute of Child Health and Human Development (2006), it was stated that approximately 1.7 million children in grades 6-10 confessed actions of bullying against their classmates. The victims of verbal and physical violence experience consequences to their emotional health, as well as to their social skills. Although the U.S. Department of Education constantly reports that the schools in the country are safe, the institution also admits that bullying remains a serious and persistent problem in the educational system.

The psychological background of bullies is very complex. Their behavior may be caused by inability to achieve great academic performance, lack of family support, improper socialization, and family violence. Children from dysfunctional families often express their anger on those who are weaker. Thus, bullying becomes the outlet that makes them feel superior. Once they get into that vicious circle, the traditional school punishments can do nothing. Educators have a responsibility to understand the psychology of their students and help them improve the behavior not through punishments, but by encouragement. Multiple research paper writing services have come to the conclusion that by encouraging teamwork and proper socialization, teachers can help their students understand the right values and appreciate friendship without the need to feel superior.

Bullies have always been a part of the hierarchy in schools, companies, and society. The issue remains persistent because teachers and parents haven’t discovered the right way to deal with the intimidators and the victims. The intimidators are usually subjected to verbal and administrative punishments, whereas the victims are being justified for being weak. As a result, the intimidators grow angrier, and the victims only become weaker. Since traditional sanctions do not work in cases of bullying, teachers should do their best to understand where the behavior is coming from. They should talk to the bullies in a calm manner and allow them to express where the problem is coming from. In addition, they should talk to the victims to amortize the psychological consequences they suffered. They should make them feel appreciated and strong.

Once the educator obtains a truthful picture of the situation between bullies and victims in the classroom, they can bring a balance by introducing fun teamwork activities that will improve the level of socialization in the classroom. Teachers and parents should be good examples for the students. They need to control their temper to prove that problems cannot be solved by making other people feel inferior. Bullying, as one of the most persistent issues in the American schooling system, requires a thoughtful approach based on the individual causes that led to the bully’s behavior, as well as the specific consequences that the victims go through.