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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

99 Top Research Paper Topics

You have a research paper that is due in soon, but the tough part of completing it is not in getting it done, but on choosing the topic to write about. With so many topics to pick from, the choice sometimes confuses us. Also, there is no point on picking one that you have no interest in and are doing it just to get the job done. The topic you choose has to be of interest to you as writing a research paper is not a two second job. With the amount of time it takes to write a research paper, choosing the right topic is the most important step.

Whether you are thinking of pursuing a political career, or are planning to create your own business, find a topic below that you can relate to with ease. Whether you use them as an independent topic or a starting point for your research paper, the list below compiled by us should give you a much needed boost.

What kinds of research topics are available?

The list is inexhaustible, but we’ve compiled a list of the most popular topics and further categorized them under broader subjects. This gives you a wide option to choose from – either by looking at the main topic headings or by delving in depth into a subject of your choice. We have various categories that cover topics like education, politics, communication and art to name a few. By categorizing these topics, you end up saving lots of time in narrowing down your choices. Simply pick up one and you’re on the right road to a well written research paper.


Research papers on Abortion:

Research papers on Education:

  • Favoritism in Education Policies
  • Spare the rod, spoil the child – views on Corporal Punishment
  • Alternative Schooling
  • Affirmative Action in Higher Education
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Parental Cooperation in Education
  • Education and Funding

Research papers on Health:

  • The effects of tobacco on the human body
  • Vaccination: Benefits and Disadvantages
  • Medical Marijuana – A boon or a bane?
  • Effects of steroids on the human body
  • Discrimination in Health Care – Obesity vs. thin people
  • Treatments of common sleep disorders
  • Health Benefits of weekly exercises
  • Alternative medicine
  • Bulimia – Recognizing the Disorder
  • Health and Fitness
  • The Hazards of Fast Food
  • GMO foods – Benefits and Hazards
  • Alzheimer’s – Theories for its prevention
  • Choice of life – Assisted suicide vs. Life preservation
  • Deadly viruses – their history and evolution
  • Examine the practice of Electroshock – It’s history, evolution and present use

Research papers on Marketing and Advertising:

  • Global Marketing Trends
  • Controversial advertisements
  • Limitations of Advertisement
  • Public outcry to political Ads
  • Banning of certain advertisements in the interest of public health – Discuss
  • Political Advertising and Campaign Funding

Research papers on Discrimination:

  • Race Profiling
  • Interracial marriages
  • Gender discrimination
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Discrimination in Schools
  • Women vs. Men – salary package differences in Gender
  • Reverse Discrimination

Research papers on Schools:

  • Cafeteria Food – should there be restrictions?
  • Gender specific schools – What are the merits?
  • Should there be school uniforms?
  • Religion in Schools

Research papers on AIDS:

  • Research Funding
  • Obligation of 1st world countries to third world countries
  • Individual rights vs. community rights
  • How contagious diseases spread
  • Available treatments for AIDS infected patients and how effective are they

Research papers on Alcohol:

  • Should the Legal Drinking Age be lowered to 18?
  • Binge Drinking and its effects
  • Alcohol and crime – the correlation
  • Is there age discrimination of violators?

Research papers on Animals:

  • Slaughter houses and Animal Welfare
  • Medical Research on Animals
  • Animals in Sports and Entertainment
  • Animal Protection vs. Industry interests

Research papers on Sports:

  • Use of drugs in Sports
  • Should high school athletes receive free equipment from sports companies?
  • Sports vs. Academics
  • Should steroids be legal?
  • Effects of pushy parents and children who get pushed into sports

Research papers on Censorship:

  • Internet censorship – Is it required?
  • Should school literature be censored by parents for school children?
  • Should there be censorship in the Entertainment industry?
  • Internet censorship in China
  • US censorship and the changes over the years
  • Parental filters and pornography – Does censorship increase curiosity?

Research papers on College:

  • Policies for College Admissions
  • Distance Education
  • Planning for College Tuitions
  • College Scholarships
  • SAT score requirements

Research papers on Cyber Crimes:

  • Identity theft
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Computer viruses, their evolution and their effects on computers
  • Cyber Security

Research papers on Copyrights:

  • Free downloads of media and effects on music producers and media creators
  • Copyright Law

Research papers on Cosmetic Surgery

  • Age Limitations
  • Society Pressure on Beauty

Research papers on Bullying:

Research papers on Drugs:

  • Family Support
  • Drug Legalization
  • Should marijuana be made legal?
  • The cocaine trail

Research papers on Environment:

  • Depletion of rain forests
  • Endangered species and the effect on the environment
  • Global warming and the effects on Earth
  • Pollution – the various forms and efforts to control it
  • Natural Resources – preserving our future

Research papers on Gun Control:

Research papers on Immigration:

  • Language barriers

Research papers on Politics:

  • Views on Controversial topics
  • Presidential campaign financing

Research papers on Privacy:

  • Should medical information be confidential and who should have access to it?
  • What limitations should the paparazzi have?

Research papers on Terrorism:

  • 9/11
  • Terrorism – and the brain washing of youth

Research papers on Technology:

  • Has text messaging and technology replaced physical social interaction

Research papers on Business:

  • Modern Workplace environments
  • Corporate Law
  • Family Succession in Businesses

There are so many topics within the above stated subjects and with so many other relevant topics being discussed in today’s world – it is hard to cover all of them. But the basic main subjects are given as a broad umbrella – which may help you narrow down your search. All you have to do is think of what subject fascinates you and take a look at the list to see if you find something you’d be interested to write about.

As the world expands, so does our knowledge. We are exposed to various cultures, behaviors, and changes as we broaden our minds. Politics exists in every stratum and gender discussions feature in every country. The above list shows us a few of the thoughts and ideas that spark debates and discussions globally, and these could be a great start to writing a research paper that will impress your faculty. So don’t waste your time in thinking of what to write, choose one from the list and get started!