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“Getting an A+ paper is easy” is a first thing that appears when you open The website claims to provide affordable term and custom papers to students for every academic level. They ensure students to fulfill their every academic need by providing high-quality papers. More than 60% of students feel difficult to make these kinds of term papers, and others don’t have enough time for that. The process of writing an essay, term paper or any academic paper, need skills, dedication, time and patience. However, there’re only a few students who have these. That’s the main reason students prefer to hire a company to perform these tasks. But, before hiring a company, it is important to get complete detail about the company experience, staff, price, services, and discount. So, read this review of Term Paper Easy before taking any step.

Types of Services

Term Paper Easy don’t provide a specific list of services on their website. They have only mentioned that they provide custom paper writing services for students of all academic level. To provide quality assistance, they claim to have knowledgeable experts who can write on any topic. On their home page, they have also shared some testimonials from their clients. This is one of the most encouraging parts of their website. When we reviewed their website, we found several interesting factors which employ us to take an action or make an order. Then, we ordered a paper from to determine if the things they have mentioned on their site are true or not.


A price chart is clearly defined on which includes a price for writing services according to different academic level. If you give a short working deadline (such as 3-8 hours), then the price of your order will automatically increase. And, if you give enough time for your work (such as 8-10 days), then the price will decrease. That means, they charge more amount for urgent work. Moreover, they also show a price list for business writing services. In reality, all the services we found are extremely costly. They charge a large amount even for their poorly written paper. We’re not happy with their services. Its quite difficult for those who have a low-budget plan, to hire their services.


If you’re looking for a discount and loyalty programs, TermPaperEasy provides nothing. They have mentioned on their home page that they offer a discount for the first order. We didn’t even get any kind of discount on our first order. We have paid a large amount for a poor quality paper. A discount and loyalty programs are important for every business to improve their sales and customer trust. And, they lack here.

Quality of Paper

In terms of quality, is completely failed. A paper they delivered consists a lot of errors like grammar mistakes, wrong use of punctuation, poor structure, does not contain any relevant information and so on. Moreover, we used a plagiarism detection software to check its uniqueness, and some of the lines were copied. Not even a single paragraph was written perfectly. At the time of order, they ensure us to provide the quality services only and we were very confident about their services because of their assurance. Fortunately, positivity turns into negativity. Moreover, Term Paper Easy don’t have a strong customer support and care service. Whenever we call them, they always take more time to response, several hours or sometimes days. The paper was not even delivered on time, they took 2 days extra to complete their task, which was also annoying.


Never recommended to anyone! Our review can guide you about everything they guarantee. Either we talk about their services, price or customer care, everything is poor. They have written a poor quality paper, exceeded the deadline, charged a large amount for badly written paper, and didn’t respond quickly. A paper was completely worthless, we can’t use this for any academic need. When we asked them for correction, they clearly refused to do so. Therefore, we found that this is not a right company for those who are looking for some quality writing services at a very affordable price. So, if you’re also looking for the same, then you surely need someone else.