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When we open, the most interesting thing we see is a statement “Quality College Papers completed by the team of professional writers, editors, and proofreaders with proven experience”. That means they claim that they only offer quality college paper services and have a team of professionals to perform these tasks. Their website contains a pretty much information that a person needs before getting any kind of paper services. After exploring their website, we decide to hire them for an academic paper service to identify whether they are offering quality services or not. And, also wanted to know the detailed information about price, discount and loyalty programs they offer. So, let me explain you the entire process through our review.

Types of Services

College-Paper. cover the academic writing needs of any student. And, fortunately, it’s true as they have a complete solution for every student who feels difficult to handle such writing tasks and requires professional assistance to manage them. We found their services more relevant and truly professional, perfectly meet our requirements and needs. They offer different writing services such as admission services, academic services, assignments, editing services, dissertation and thesis services. We have ordered a 20-page College-Paper to identify their service quality and price. The entire process was smooth and hassle-free from start to end. Firstly, they understood our requirements and then took every step according to the same.


They have a different section/page for a price on And, their price list is divided into four columns, one is for work Urgency (means working deadlines), and others are for content quality; Standard, Premium, and Platinum. The most impressive part we found is a list of free features that help you determine your saving for every order. After doing a research and analyzing other websites dealing with same services, we discovered that they offer affordable writing services to their customers as compared to other companies.


At this website, a pricing system and discount list are clearly defined. They have given a list of permanent discounts for the number of pages, which we think is genuine. The discount is one of those crucial parts that encourage people to purchase such services. Especially in case of students, the discount and loyalty programs are vital as they always have a low-budget at that time. Therefore, offer a fixed-discount according to the number of pages we order, such as they have no discount option for less than 15 pages documentation, get 5% off for 15-50 pages, 10% off on 51-100 pages and 15% off more than 100 pages. Either you need to order a simple assignment or a professionally written thesis, the discount is same for every writing service and style. This is a perfect discount price they offer, as sometimes a larger discount tends to a low-quality service.

Quality of Paper

A paper we ordered from them was completely perfect and meet our given needs and requirements. They have clearly mentioned each and every fact that we wanted. They have done an excellent job in every aspect such as the writing style, grammar, vocabulary, perfect citation of informative facts, and 100% plagiarism-free content. A paper they delivered was perfect and beyond our expectation. They took quite more time to deliver their task, which was the only problem we faced in the entire process. However, that’s not a big deal as we got an excellent result that we actually needed. And, for this kind of work, we’re always ready to give some extra time.


This is definitely a quality College-Paper service we were looking for, and would highly recommend to someone looking for high-quality writing services for their academic needs. The price is less than other companies who claim to offer such affordable prices. We have shared our experience with you through a detailed review. Wheather you’re considering a level of quality, price or discount, everything they offer is awesome. Their services may also describe that they have a team of professionals who’re native-English writers and working in same for years. We would like to recommend this services for all those who're looking for a good price, quality services, great customer care & support service, and experienced staff.