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CompanyRatingFeaturesFull Review Quality: 5 stars
Price: 5 stars

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– Prices start from $16.99 Quality: 5 stars
Price: 5 stars

– 15% first order OFF
– Prices start from $19.99 Quality: 5 stars
Price: 4 stars

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Price: 5 stars

– 15% first order OFF
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Price: 4 stars

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As many students do, you are probably also looking for the perfect service for your academic assignments. You are looking for someone that writes the type of academic papers you need, does so well and for an affordable price. is one of the services that promise to do all this for you. Whether this is true or not, we will see in this review.

Types of CustomResearchPapers Services

The website of has a nice, inviting design. However, there is no such thing as a page or a list of services they offer, probably because all they offer are research papers. Sure, this is mentioned in the name of the service, but there is no indication on the website that the company can help you with anything else than this type of academic paper. Therefore, if you are looking for anything else than a research paper, you will have to turn elsewhere.

CustomResearchPapers Prices

The prices are clearly listed on the website and according to their list, they can be set in the average priced category when compared to those of other services. The lowest price they offer is $12.95 for a page with deadline of 20 days and undergraduate level, while the highest one is $41.95 per page with deadline of 12 hours, for professional level.
We do not really know what the level 'professional' means since the service's main clientele are actually students. We are assuming that this is the Masters or PhD group since the other two options are undergraduate and graduate. However, there is no specific explanation as to what the term professional means.
Even though there is a list of prices, the website says that you can get your quote for the price only if you sign in. This is quite confusing since we are unsure if one can expect the same price once they login and check. Furthermore, why would you have to log in to see how much you will be charged for a paper?
Overall, the prices depend on the number of pages, urgency and academic level.

CustomResearchPapers Discounts

As is the case with services, also lacks in providing visitors with a Discounts page. Not only there is no such page, but we also could not find information regarding discounts on the website. The only thing we encountered was a mention of $10 discount for first orders, given once the person logs in.
The first-order discount is different from those offered by other services. Services like this one usually offer a percentage off the first order. This can turn out to be a good or a bad option since, if you have a smaller order, you may really enjoy the $10 off, but if you have a bigger one, you may want to go with a service that offers 10 or 15% off the first order. Some services even offer discounts of 20% or higher.
Besides the strange first-order discount, there is no other discount offered by The company does not offer any privileges to returning customers. Although, they may not have a lot of returning customers because of their limited choice of academic services. How many research papers can you be assigned in a year?

Quality of Paper

For the prices they offer, the company does provide good research papers. The paper we received had the price from the pricelist minus the $10 for the first order. It was of good quality, well formatted and all sources were neatly referenced.


Our research has showed that does a good job in writing research papers, but it is the only thing they do. Their website is a bit confusing and has a serious lack of important information, but they seem to stick to their promises. However, students rarely need assistance only once in their studies.
Therefore, if you are looking for a provider that you will use as a regular service, this is not the ideal one for you. Not only they do not have lifelong discounts, but they are quite limited in terms of services, too. You may want to turn to a service that offers everything you may need and will provide you with better prices if you are loyal to them.