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Price: 5 stars

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According to the website, this is a service that works with only highly experienced and qualified writers and provides top quality assignments. Considering that this is a service that has been functioning for decades now, it is definitely worth looking into. Take a look at our detailed review of EssayPro to decide whether this company is the right fit for your budget and expectations.

Types of Services offers a wide choice of assignment assistance such as essays, coursework, case studies, theses, dissertations, research proposals, reports, speeches, literature reviews, articles, business plans etc. Additionally, they offer editing and proofreading services.
The company has somewhat different approach in terms of writers. From what we could see on the website, students get the chance of picking their own writer. While this can be quite interesting and inviting, students cannot know which writer is the best one for their assignment. This is why most services take this matter into their hands and choose the writer depending on the order and their expertise.

There is no a separate page or a list of services, except the dropdown list in the ordering section that is set on the home page.

EssayPro Prices

EssayPro offers prices that are considered average when compared to other companies on the writing market. They would not be suitable for those with a very low budget, but can be considered middle range prices. If the content were as good as the company promises, these prices would be suitable. However, we could not determine this from the testimonials we found online, since people had different experiences. This is probably a result of their policy of people choosing their writers.
The prices of the company start from $12 per page, for an essay with the longest deadline. This is affordable, but as the deadline becomes more urgent and the papers are more complex, the prices seem to be growing quite rapidly. This makes the company a bit more expensive than the competition.

EssayPro Discounts

Discounts are not offered by EssayPro, so you cannot expect a reduced quote if you are a first-time customer or a returning one. This is a big disadvantage since, even if the content is of high quality, loyal customers often get lifelong discounts from companies that offer this type of services. Additionally, students are often offered first-order discounts so that they can try out the company and make it their regular provider.

Quality of Paper

The ordering process of is very easy to use, same as the website. We noticed this when we placed the order since we wanted to provide you with an unbiased review of their quality of writing. However, the option of choosing your own writer makes this a bit unreliable, since our experience depends on our choice of writer. Every customer who orders from the website may have a different experience, depending on who they will choose.
The article we ordered from the website was delivered on time, but was not of highest quality. The sources used in the article were well referenced, but not very reliable. For the price we paid, we expected higher quality of paper and information that is more factual.


You cannot really rely on the feedback on the website since it is mainly positive, which is not the same as what you will find outside the website. Of course, finding the proper feedback is a bit difficult with this service, mostly because of their policy of choosing your own writer. Our experience with the service was not fully positive, but the writing style of the article was good. However, they did not deliver the premium quality the website promises to deliver.
Aside from the issue of having to choose your own writer, another disadvantage of this service is that they do not offer any discounts. This makes the company lose many customers since other companies of this kind usually offer first-time discounts, lifelong discounts, bulk order discounts and even special offers. Not having such options makes this service a bad choice for students who purchase more assignments from online writing services.