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Terrorism and Its Various Effects

Why is terrorism feared all over the world? This is because there are a lot of people whose peace are threatened because of it. There are already a lot of people who lost lives because of the attacks of terrorism by various terrorist groups. Some of the attacks are truly huge and are widely feared all over the world but there are still some small forms of terrorism that happen from one place to another.

Since it is only natural that people will be feeling fearful because of terrorism, the main thing that should be done is to always become aware of the dangers of terrorism and to know its many forms so that it can be avoided.

Knowing the Dangers

As we all know, there are some huge terrorist groups that are supposedly hiding all over the world and they just post videos of themselves doing things that regular people would not be able to digest. While their main goal is to arise feelings of fear from individuals, there are also some terrorist groups with a goal to recruit more people, usually those who are still young to join their group.

These people are usually smooth talkers and they can convince people that what they are doing is for the love of their country or their religion. There are times when they would appear to be pleasantly nice people on the outside with a huge secret. Usually, the motives of these people are to recruit and make people follow their lead. Then they will use the new recruits to be trained for their criminal motives or to be pawned to get what they want from the government or from other groups that they are in feud with.

People Become Scared of Muslims

This is one huge negative effect of terrorism. Some people who do not bother to read and to become well and aware of the motives of terrorists usually assume that all Muslims are terrorists. This is not true at all. Muslims are religious people and they highly believe in Allah. They follow the rules of Islam and it has always been stated in their law that they should never kill. This means that terrorists who are only using Islam and Muslims are not truly Muslims because if they believe in Allah, they would not resort to killing innocent individuals just to stress a point.

Businesses and Establishments are Affected

It has always happened that if one place has been recently bombed or threatened by terrorists, the business and establishments will be affected because people would avoid those places like plague. They know that they will be unsafe there. At the same time, there is also a risk to businesses to open up when they know that they can be targeted by terrorists just because it has been decided that their place is perfect for a terrorist attack. Usually, this can be averted if proper security measures will be done and every inch of the place will be checked to ensure that there is no bomb.

The Hope for Peace

If there is one thing that people are hoping for right now, it is to establish peace all over the world. A lot of people are being affected by terrorist attacks and the constant fear of the things that may happen. If people would only realize that there should not be anything to fight about then everyone would be happy and no one would get affected by terrorist attacks. People are all different with various beliefs. This makes the world a unique place to live in but this should not be grounds to be fighting with others.