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Various Types of Stress

Stress is something that people normally feel. It is state of feeling tired and forlorn about the things that people have to do. People would always want to run away from stress but because they do not have a choice, they decide to face it head on. Stress can be different from one person to another. Some people deal with it in stride until they lessen the things that can cause stress so eventually, stress goes away but there are also some who feel negative feelings because of stress. They start being angry and anxious about everything.

If you have already experienced stress, you have to remember that this is normal. This is something that you may commonly feel. If you have already been required to reach a deadline or if you have been reprimanded by your boss, your mentor, and your family members or basically by anyone, you will feel stressed out. People may become vulnerable because of stress. They begin to feel that they are not worth it. They begin to feel that they cannot do things that are right anymore. Sometimes, stress can have bigger repercussions.

Stress can become positive at times because it can help people become motivated. Some people even say that they can work on certain tasks better when they are under stress mainly because they know that without stress, they will find doing work unappealing. There are also some who manage to show grace under pressure. They can show that they are responsible and they can handle stress well.

Different Types of Stress

There are different types of stress that people may feel like Emotional Stress, Behavioral Stress, Physical Stress and Mental Stress. Some can experience just one type of stress but when people are exposed to various situations, they may undergo all types of stress.

Emotional stress is usually felt when feelings are involved. This means that people who undergo heartaches or heartbreaks may be undergoing emotional stress. This is not only related to love between partners but also the type of love and care that people may feel for other people. An argument, a huge fight or getting hurt are just some of the reasons why people may undergo this type of stress.

Behavioral stress is another type of stress that people may experience when they know that they have to rush a lot of things all at the same time. This may be felt by students who would have to submit various types of essays and reports the same day.

Physical stress is usually felt after a long and hard exercise day. Sometimes, it may also occur after training for a certain sport. Overexerting too much effort physically can be the main reason why people feel this type of stress.

Lastly, mental stress is felt whenever there are a lot of thoughts and actions that are aching to be made but since they are so many, the mind is finding it hard to process them all. People who encounter mental stress usually feel that they cannot push through with the tasks that are required of them. They also have the feeling that they cannot do the things assigned to them.

For people who have never undergone stress before or were never exposed to stressful situations before may crumble under stress. It has been said that people who have always been given whatever they wanted immediately do not know the feeling of wanting something so bad because they know that they can get it whenever they want to. As a result, they work less hard than other people and of course, this also lowers their stress levels. When the time comes that they begin to feel stressed out, this feeling is entirely new to them and as a result, they tend to close up.