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Friday, July 29, 2016

The Issue of Smoking in Public Places: Both Sides of the Argument

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There have been countless studies conducted on the dangers and risks of smoking cigarettes. While they are legal in most parts of the world, they are made with several ingredients that are linked to health problems. Even people who don't smoke themselves are at risk since secondhand smoke is linked to similar issues. In this research paper, I will outline the complications associated with public smoking, helping you take a stand for it in your area.

Most people who support legislation to ban smoking in public do so because they are not smokers and worry about the risks it presents in their lives. Smoke that lingers in the air can permeate clothing, which means that people who spend time with smokers often smell like they light up as well. Additionally, and much more concerning, research shows that secondhand smoke presents cancer risks in non-smokers who spend time around people who do smoke. In addition, breathing in second hand smoke raises the risk of asthma and heart disease (Mayo Clinic, 2015). By banning smoking in restaurants, bars and other venues, people who choose not to smoke are offered a measure of protection that they deserve. Though many places have already banned smoking in public, many people feel that their rights are being violated when they are asked not to smoke in public places.

Those who don't agree with a public smoking ban disagree with the ruling because they feel that they should be able to smoke wherever they want to since cigarettes are legal. They feel that if cigarettes are legal to purchase and smoke, there shouldn't be any reason why they can't enjoy them in restaurants and bars. Others make the point that breathing in secondhand smoke isn't much worse than breathing in all the other chemicals and toxins in the air, including those from pollution and industry.

In terms of the economy, cigarettes may be beneficial, which may be one reason they are still legal in most parts of the world. The tobacco industry means jobs and a way of living for the farmers and the people who work for them. Countries all over the world employ many people on tobacco farms. Making cigarettes illegal compromises the economy of these areas and puts many people at risk of losing their job and their income.

When it comes to health, the stimulant benefits of tobacco is one that many people stand on the side of. As a stimulant, smoking cigarettes may have mild benefits for speeding a person's metabolism and helping them maintain a normal weight. In addition, the tobacco works as a relaxing agent for many people who smoke cigarettes. Other people maintain that smoking helps control anxiety. Research papers and information released by experts suggest just the opposite, however, saying that the first few inhales may induce relaxation, but then withdrawal symptoms set in, which can drive anxiety symptoms (Mental Health Foundation, 2016). Smoking, therefore, cannot be relied on as an efficient means to controlling anxiety.

On the other hand, much more has been found regarding the risks of smoking in public places, particularly to those people who don't smoke themselves. In addition to causing breathing issues, lung cancer and heart disease to anyone who inhales cigarette smoke, secondhand or otherwise, breathing smoke in public places can also lead to allergy symptoms, eyesores and cervical cancer. Studies show that passing laws regarding smoking in public dramatically reduces the risk of heart disease and respiratory disease in the average population of people (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016).

This research paper has examined both sides of the issue and has discovered that people feel very strongly about it, no matter which side they happen to be on. Since most public places have implemented public smoking bans, those who don't smoke are generally happy, while those on the other side of the issue feel that things should go back to the way they used to be in the past. No matter how many research papers are out there some, people simply won't be swayed. It's up to you to decide how you feel about the issue and to decide what you're going to do about it if you disagree with the current standings.