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Monday, September 26, 2016

Issues that People Face in Interracial Marriages

Research Paper on Interracial Marriages Picture

There was a time when an interracial marriage was a scandal, a taboo, an issue that could rock a family and the community they lived in. Increased tolerance and acceptance in today's day and age makes the practice far less earth shattering, but that doesn't mean that both parties in the marriage don't have issues they have to work through once the ceremony is over and life moves on. At the same time, any marriage can be entirely rewarding and worth the effort it takes to overcome the hurdles. Understanding what you might be up against can certainly help you be prepared.

One of the biggest issues that interracial couples face is that of religion. While it's certainly possible that you are both of the same affiliation, many people who are from different races have varied religious beliefs. Several research papers have found that if you celebrate holidays differently from your spouse or the two of you celebrate entirely different holidays, it can put a strain your relationship as you navigate how you'll do so, especially if you have children or families you share those holidays and events with.

Speaking of kids, if you and your spouse were brought up in a different ethnic situation, you may have conflicting views on how you'll parent your children. It is very hard for parents to effectively do their jobs when mom and dad have different ideas on how things should be done. It's important to come to an agreement on the big issues, such as which religious institution you'll visit, how you'll approach the teen years and what kinds of discipline you'll use. Having common ground on the major tasks of parenting can help you be successful, even when you have opposing views on how to do it.

Another thing you'll probably face is what other people think. Despite the fact that today's society is much more progressive and accepting of various races, you will still encounter people who think that what you're doing is wrong and some of them won't be afraid to tell you what they think. Having to deal with the negative impact can take its toll on you and your spouse so you should have a good idea of how you'll handle it when the issue comes up.

You'll also have to face your differing opinions of various life issues, which has been a research paper topic for many relationship experts. Even though many parts of the world treat all people as equals, chances are that growing up in different racial households has given you certain opinions and views on matters that could be drastically different to how your spouse sees them. While this certainly poses a set of problems that you'll have to work through together, it's also a great opportunity to put yourself in each other's shoes and learn something new about the person you've chosen to spend your life with.

Another major issue you might be facing is what your family thinks, particularly your parents. You'd like to think that your family won't care about race and that they will just be happy for you, but the truth is that you might have to hash it out when it comes down to it. This is especially likely if your parents or grandparents grew up in a time when race was at the forefront of lifestyle, such as during the 1960s when segregation was coming to an end and tolerance was being taught to kids. Even so, there may be long held beliefs in your family that makes accepting an interracial marriage hard to take. This can put a strain on a family so be ready to navigate those waters when you get to them.

In the end, we're all the same on the inside and what you look like on the outside shouldn't have any effect on your marriage. Interracial marriage is not the taboo it once was, but you'll still have your fair share of issues to tackle as a couple. The good news is that any marriage has its problems, so you and your spouse will be just fine.