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The Benefits Of Writing With Good Old Fashioned Pen And Paper

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Have you ever thought if you learn better when you type on a keyboard or write with pen and paper?

According to the latest research from the learning specialists of world-famous universities, there is no simple answer to this question. However, it depends on what you are writing and what is the aim of your writing. For example, if you are writing research paper writing service reviews you may use a laptop, but when you write an essay or plan to write other paper writing services reviews you may be more productive with pen and paper.

It is known and latest studies of psychologists shown that typing is just an act, your brain works to type in words and phrases you have heard or have in your mind, without analyzing them. And when you are doing handwriting you are trying to analyze and understand you are writing about, that is why it is easier to remember and understand material which you have handwritten once. This method of handwriting is used to train professional writers at numerous companies, you can check paper writing services review here to find out about who used these methods.

So here are the situations which describe why and when writing with pen and paper is better, than just typing.

It makes your brain working effectively as if you were creating paper writing service reviews after failure.

During the study, the results of which were published recently, researchers asked students to listen to different lectures and take notes. One group did this with pen and paper and the other used their laptops. After the experiment, both groups were tested. The laptop group was taking notes verbatim which hurt learning process, concluded scientist. These students have got worse grades comparing with longhand writers.

The other studies conducted by the scientists showed the same results. So we can say for sure that handwriting is an important action for the brain development and cognition. In 2010 Virginia Berninger, a psychologist from the University of Wisconsin decided to test children of school age and find out in what cases they are more effective during essay writing. According to the results of research, students generate more creative ideas while writing with pen and paper rather than sitting in front of laptop or PC. She had made a conclusion, that sequential movement of fingers during writing with pen and paper activate multiple regions of the brain. These regions are responsible for processing and remembering information. In a case of typing, this work is more static, so your brain doesn't accumulate enough impulses to memorize the material better. Our research paper writing service reviews professionals are doing handwritten plans before starting review creation.

Writing with pen and paper slows you down. Specialists who are making paper writing services reviews think this way more effective.

The average typing speed of the person is 38-40 words per minute, which of course a benefit when you need to write a lot of text. But on the other hand writing with pen and paper requires more energy and activates a lot more areas of your brain rather than pressing keys. And because writing is slower than typing, it is useful during brainstorming, goal setting and retrieval phase of learning new. So handwriting is useful when you need to think deeply and in more detail of what you are going to craft.

And of course, if you are trying to write paper writing services review or something similar you want to do it quickly and not return to such a task again use the way more comfortable to you. Life Hacker in its article on writing recommends using pen and paper for the fast writing because it will force you to think a little bit longer and as a result produce more quality research paper writing services reviews than while typing.

Writing with pen and paper limits distractions. So you can focus on paper writing service reviews writing.

The reason of different site blocking and productivity-boosting products appearance on the market is that working on the computer can reduce the productivity because of numerous distractions. According to the Forbes article on time-wasters, more than 64 % of employees are visiting non-work related websites during the day. About 39% of them reported that they have wasted at least one day surfing these websites. 9% of questioned said that they spend from 6 to 10 hours surfing websites which are not related to their work and 3 % said that the send 10+ hours surfing the internet or communicating via social networks. As you probably have understood, with the pen and paper the possibility of these destructions is reduced, since there are no such interruptions like email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you will spend more time on paper writing service reviews of other papers.

Moreover, before computer invention, people used pen and paper for writing during hundreds and even thousands of years. And following the tradition of generations of philosophers, monks and scribes can be still an effective tool to learn or create research paper writing services review.

Writing sparks your creativity, and influences on your writing like negative paper writing services reviews creation when you fall into a trouble

Lee Rourke, a famous writer, in his article on The Guardian about the creative writing, explained that the pen and paper usage during his writing helps him not only to reduce destructions but also move out of the world around and fall deeply into the creativity and his thoughts. The process of handwriting keeps a person in touch with the craft and this connection allows generate numerous ideas and write them down at once.

Thousands, even modern writers, still use pen and paper to do the notes and even write their novels. Journalists are making notes using pen and paper, when they need to interview person fast, research paper writing service reviews professionals are planning the review taking notes on the sheet of paper, academic writers create outline and paper skeleton drawing the scheme, and there can be hundreds of examples to prove that handwriting will definitely boost up creativity.

Few words as a conclusion

As you see to make the study more effective you need to use paper and pen together with your laptop. Of course while paper writing service review creation or thesis writing you will need to submit it in electronic form, but a creation of notes, thesis and other things which require creativity will make your paper crafting process more effective. If you are interested in a help from professionals, and even with handwriting experiencing lack of creativity check our paper writing service reviews.