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The Evolution Of Paper Writing

Paper Writing Guide Cover

Nobody would argue if we will tell that the most important invention of mankind was writing. However, in the majority of cases students unaware how complex this path was, and thinking that research paper writing is just a task to complete in college. No one explained you, either at school or at college, how the paper writing began. Instead of that, teachers, lectors, and others are presenting writing like something that always existed. As a result, the opportunity to describe interesting and charming history of writing is lost, and writing is considered by students as something boring, so they don't have any desire to develop writing skills.

No one, even research paper writing help professionals, thinks about the process which allowed humanity to bring writing to existence. So if you are interested how the writing began and developed through the centuries, read these passages below and we hope you will enjoy learning more about the story of paper writing.

The invention of paper writing

In ancient times people didn't know what they need to invent and the invention of paper writing lasted for thousands of years. And the writing invention happened independently in different parts of our huge world. Many years ago people used pictures or different signs to indicate things, actions, and notions. After that period of humanity development, people moved to a phonetic writing. This system was based on rebuses mechanism. After phonetic writing people invented syllabic writing and finally after years they have founded the alphabetic writing which is used now.

Before writing period

About 30-40 thousand years ago, during Paleolithic period people communicated with other generations through graffiti and paintings they drew on the walls of caves. Archeologists also found fragments of pebbles and bones from the same period with different kind of signs on them. Unfortunately, we cannot say for sure what was the actual purpose of them but can assume that graffiti on caves' walls have been used to show some rituals associated with animals and hunting, and signs on bones were used to count something.

First writing signs

The first writing is dated by 3100 BC and appeared on so-called Fertile Crescent territory. It has got its name in the 20th century. It is the U-shape territory where modern Egypt, Syria, and Iraq are located. However, the origin country cannot be determined because of an equal influence of Egyptian and Sumerian on this territory. After that writing slowly widespread in the south and finally with Roman expansion reached Europe.

Medieval writing and the birth of research paper writing

During the ages, writing has developed significantly and finally has reached European countries. During Middle Ages, it has changed significantly. At the very beginning, writing was used only by monks and churchmen. They have used Latin (also called Roman) alphabet to recopy Bible and other works of saints. Time has passed, and schools in churches had been opened, so aristocracy and rich elite were able to learn reading and writing. During this period the majority of universities and colleges were opened and students who had talent or money were able to study. So slowly writing had widespread among people. The paper writing help during that period was provided by other students who were more successful.

Typewriter invention for paper writing

Before the invention of this effective tool which is still used among professional writers, people used pen and paper to write or re-write books, letters, works, and documents. The calligraphy was a part and parcel of any education and it was very hard to write a book and then print it. The typewriter was invented in the 18th century; however, no one knows who had originally invented it. It had used a mechanism of printing press used for the publishing, but was smaller in size and created for individual use.

It had gained popularity fast and there were specially trained people to type-write hand written papers. These services were widely used by students, scientists, journalists and professional writers and novelists, and people who provided paper writing help for the students who were in need of education. Soon a typewriter became available for public and anyone who is involved in writing could purchase it.

At the end on 19th century Thomas Alva Edison managed to invent the first electronic typewriter, however, this device was widespread only in the 1950s and the majority think that this electronic device was originally created in Japan. However, they have only invented the typewriter with "memory" which was able to store text and appeared in 1978, this was the start of computing technology development which gave you an access to our best research paper writing help.

Computers and their impact on research paper writing help

First computers which were developed in the 1950s and 1960s were aimed to calculate a huge volume of data usually presented with the numbers. They were huge and could occupy several rooms and sometimes buildings. They were used by scientists and army to calculate routes, results of experiments and other things which required months of work when done by people.

However due to a time-consuming process of data collection and input humanity started to think about the development of new more productive and smaller devices. It took years until the first PC was invented. Of course, it was not as effective as modern devices are, but with the invention of a portative keyboard, it became an efficient device for general and research paper writing.

The first full functional text processor didn't contain spell check and other things we managed to use during our writing. It had a blue screen with white text on it and you were able to use bold, italic and general font. You were able to run it from Dos-OS.

However, after inventing Windows and Mac OS (they developed simultaneously, but Windows gained popularity faster) everything had changed to a modern way and now we all are using computers for research paper writing. After the invention of the internet people gained an access to all written materials and texts created during humanity development.

As a result of that the best research paper writing services became available online (before that they were local and you could find them in printing centers or book stores).