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Research Paper on Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition of people who have problems with the pancreatic production of insulin in the body. There is a variety of diseases that can be set in the diabetes category, two of which will be discussed further on. Generally, all diabetes patients experience complete, partial lack of insulin or insulin resistance. What does this mean? It means that the pancreas stops producing sufficient amounts of the hormone insulin, which serves to regulate the sugar circulation throughout the body.

Research Paper on Controversial Advertisements

Controversial advertising in media has increased greatly these past decades. According to Waller (1999) the reason behind this increase is the complexity of society and the attempt of advertising agencies to 'cut through the clutter' with the purpose of getting more customers and brand awareness. Still, a controversial advertising campaign is a risky business. For every advertiser in the world, there is an existing risk of their advertisement becoming either extremely successful or catastrophic for the company.

Research Paper on Alternative Schooling

The alternative schools of today represent innovation and change. The restructuring of the schools is most clearly presented in the example of alternatives that aim towards distinction in regularities of schooling. Furthermore, the alternative schooling represents everything that a reform of traditional schools would capture. Such schooling puts a focus on a theme, gives choice to the teacher and the student, boosts the learner engagement and downsizes the number of students. Still, alternative schooling is yet often frown upon and is not adopted as wide as one would expect.

Use of Drugs in Sports

The issue of drug use and abuse to gain a competitive advantage in sports has been a red hot topic ever since the use of anabolic steroids began to become part of mainstream sports culture at some point during the 1950s. Much debate has arisen since this time on the morality and ethical integrity of an athlete or sportsperson using steroids to enhance their performance. This paper intends to discuss that very issue alongside the history of performance enhancing drugs in all areas of sport. To help us begin, here is the Webster dictionary definition of what an anabolic steroid is - "any of a group of synthetic hormones something taken by athletes in training to increase temporarily the size of their muscles".