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The Bullying Phenomenon: an Inseparable Part of the U.S. Educational System

In the most basic explanation, the term bullying is used to encompass the direct or indirect actions of physical, verbal, or other acts of abuse that the bully directs towards a victim. The educational system, which is supposed to be a safe environment for children to gain knowledge and skills that prepare them for the real world, is the main source of bullying experiences that negatively affect both the victims and the intimidators. According to the statements in a research paper on bullying and cyberbullying by Richard Donegan, “bullying is bred from a capitalistic economy and competitive social hierarchy.” Bullying is not a problem solely for the victims; the intimidators, educators, and parents are also affected by it. Teachers and parents need to address the problem with proper measures before it leads to violence.

Abortion: Does Anyone Have the Right to Decide about Life?

The woman’s right to abortion has been a hot topic for years. Every research paper writing service is coming up with evaluations of the issue: is abortion wrong according to all moral and ethical codes, or is it the right thing to do when the woman is not ready to have a child? Abortion is a medical procedure of removing the fetus or embryo from the woman’s uterus. In some cases, the procedure is necessary due to the death of the fetus. However, when women decide to terminate the pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus through abortion - the issue is subjected to a problematic debate. Although the fertilized egg is a potential person, it is not a human; and the arguments that equate abortion with murder or infanticide are a distortion of the reality for the sake of justifying the cause of the pro-life activists.

How Writing Skills Can Help You Earn Money?

You have always been able to express your feelings and thoughts through words? That gives you an advantage: you can turn this talent into a rewarding career. When you love writing, you won’t feel it as a burden. The fact that you can do this work while traveling is another bonus: you’ll be getting constant inspiration while getting the finances you need.

Research Paper On The Great Gatsby: an Illusory Love Story

When people read a powerful book during their teenage years, its powerful effect can become part of their identity. I was in high school the first time I read The Great Gatsby. I read it again during my years at college, when I understood that this book was more than a love story – it is a sharp criticism of the illusory and materialist nature of the American dream. Although the book always leaves me in anguish of emotions that I cannot define, it is the only piece of literature I love reading over and over again. Many literary critics, including Malcolm Cowley, identified Gatsby as a character with lasting moral values. To me, this is a tragic figure whose contradictory character is not capable of enduring the greatness of love, dreams, and success.