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The Issue of Smoking in Public Places: Both Sides of the Argument

There have been countless studies conducted on the dangers and risks of smoking cigarettes. While they are legal in most parts of the world, they are made with several ingredients that are linked to health problems. Even people who don't smoke themselves are at risk since secondhand smoke is linked to similar issues. In this research paper, I will outline the complications associated with public smoking, helping you take a stand for it in your area.

Does Music Help You Study?

Music is a very important part of our lives, and numerous students prefer to study while listening to their favorite tunes. But does listening to music actually help with studying or not? Extensive research has been conducted trying to answer the question, and the results seem to be quite ambiguous, specialists often contradicting each other. This research paper aims to provide a useful insight into the matter.

Do Dreams Benefit Us or Are They Just a Byproduct of Sleep?

Dreams have puzzled scientists for ages, with their elusive nature and no clear purpose behind them. Since Freud's controversial assumptions regarding dreaming and its meaning, countless studies have emerged trying to shed light on this mysterious process. Are dreams just a byproduct of sleeping or do they have actual benefits for us? This research paper aims to show that they, indeed, are beneficial to our overall health and functioning, as well as to provide details as to how they help us.

Domestic Violence in Victorian Britain

In this research paper, I aim to explore the "wife beating" culture that was a prominent part of Victorian society in the British 19th century. Though a recent research paper in the subject of domestic violence might seek to concentrate on a certain class and try to assign domestic violence as a characteristic of the lower classes, the fact of the matter is that during the Victorian era, wife beating was a practice that was prevalent among all social classes of and corners of society. Within William Montagu's social investigation entitled Round London, Down Easy And Up West, there are many tales from women who had been hospitalised, "sometimes as many as twelve or fourteen" in the seating room, who are in need of medical attention due to injuries inflicted by abusive and/or drunk husbands. There is a safe assumption that can be that to indicate that the prominence of alcohol in all areas of society may have been a leading factor in the increase of domestic viol…