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Alcohol And Crime – The Correlation

Anybody who has experienced drunkenness will know that the effect alcohol has your body is one that can be both enjoyable yet dangerous. Depending on your personal tolerance level and the individual ways that drinking changes you personally, a person can become docile and sleepy, vibrant and energetic or, in the worst case scenario, violent and aggressive. It in these states of violence and aggression that you can argue a large of amount of drink related crime could occur. This can be a confrontation outside a nightclub that turns in to an all out street brawl, a case of domestic violence where an intoxicated individual takes out frustrations on their partner or another member of family, or even something like drink driving where an intoxicated individual has got behind the wheel and caused devastation through their inability to successfully navigate the car that they are dangerously driving. These things might seem obvious to anybody who cares to sit down and really think about it, b…

Issues that People Face in Interracial Marriages

There was a time when an interracial marriage was a scandal, a taboo, an issue that could rock a family and the community they lived in. Increased tolerance and acceptance in today's day and age makes the practice far less earth shattering, but that doesn't mean that both parties in the marriage don't have issues they have to work through once the ceremony is over and life moves on. At the same time, any marriage can be entirely rewarding and worth the effort it takes to overcome the hurdles. Understanding what you might be up against can certainly help you be prepared.

Vaccination – Benefits and Disadvantages

Vaccination is a simple yet effective way of protecting adults, children and even whole populations against certain illnesses. It helps the body develop immunity to various diseases without actually contracting them. Vaccines contain killed or weakened viruses that are introduced into one's organism in order to produce the needed antibodies to fight an illness without getting ill first. While vaccination has been used successfully for centuries, it has its risks as well, and, lately, it has been subject to more and more controversy, as more and more parents tend to avoid getting their children vaccinated. This research paper aims to take a closer look at the benefits and disadvantages of immunization to determine whether it is a recommended practice or not.

Medical Marijuana – A Boon or a Bane?

Medical marijuana has been getting quite a bit of press in recent years as a way to treat all kinds of health issues, from glaucoma to rage disorders. There are people on both sides of the issue who feel strongly one way or the other. Before you make a choice about which side you will take, it's a good idea to understand the issue and how it affects you and your community. Legalizing marijuana might seem like the answer, but it could also cause more problems. Here's evidence for both sides to help you decide which side to take.